Spectraguard 311- 8X Concentrate Premium Antiscalant



SpectraGuard™ 311: The Ultimate RO Feed Water Pretreatment Solution

Unlock unparalleled protection and efficiency with SpectraGuard™ 311, an 8x Super Concentrated antiscalant/dispersant engineered to redefine RO feed water pretreatment. Designed for high performance in diverse applications, SpectraGuard™ 311 stands as a formidable defense against a wide array of contaminants, ensuring optimal membrane system integrity.

Key Features:

  • Superior Scale Inhibition: SpectraGuard™ 311 boasts a high-performance blend of antiscalant and dispersant that effectively controls carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, metal hydroxides, silica, and particulates. This comprehensive protection ensures sustained membrane efficiency even in challenging water conditions.
  • Concentrated Efficiency: With its 8x concentration, SpectraGuard™ 311 minimizes freight costs and inventory space while maximizing operational efficiency, making it an economical choice for RO system operators.
  • Advanced Formulation: Crafted from a proprietary mix of polymers and phosphonates, SpectraGuard™ 311 not only inhibits scaling but also mitigates membrane fouling caused by high salts, silica, and colloidal substances. This unique formulation enhances longevity and performance, reducing maintenance and downtime.
  • Robust Stability: Engineered for reliability, SpectraGuard™ 311 maintains structural integrity in demanding environments characterized by high pH, temperature, and salinity levels. This stability ensures consistent performance and protection across varied industrial and municipal applications.

Certified Quality: SpectraGuard™ 311 holds Kosher and Halal certifications, reaffirming its adherence to rigorous quality standards suitable for diverse global markets.


  • Municipal reuse projects
  • Heavy industrial operations
  • Drinking water treatment
  • High loading applications demanding robust scale inhibition

Discover the future of RO feed water treatment with SpectraGuard™ 311. Ensure peak performance, reduce operational costs, and extend the life of your membrane systems with our advanced antiscalant/dispersant solution. For more information on certifications and technical specifications, click here for Kosher certification and here for Halal certification.

Transform your water treatment strategy with SpectraGuard™ 311—where innovation meets reliability.

Spectraguard 311 Datasheet

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 24 in