ROPUR 4000A High Performance Antiscalant – 55 Gallon Drum – NSF61 Certified



Unleash the power of advanced water treatment with RPI-4000A – the ultimate solution crafted to conquer the challenges of brackish water in Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. Specially engineered to inhibit scale formation, RPI-4000A stands as a formidable barrier against the toughest water conditions, setting a new standard in water treatment excellence.

What makes RPI-4000A a game-changer? Its remarkable high crystal growth threshold value is the key. This means it not only tackles scale formation head-on but does so with exceptional efficiency, making it a standout performer in the world of water treatment.

RPI-4000A emerges as the go-to reference for water compositions containing carbonate and sulfate salts. It triumphs over difficulties posed by high levels of Barium/Strontium salts and takes on the challenge of managing elevated concentrations of metal cations like Iron, Manganese, Copper, Aluminum, and more.

Say goodbye to scale-related woes in brackish water RO systems – RPI-4000A is here to redefine the game. Trust in its specialized formulation to combat scale formation, ensuring your RO system operates seamlessly even in the harshest water environments. Elevate your water treatment strategy with the unmatched capabilities of RPI-4000A


RPI-4000A is approved for use with cellulose acetate and polyamide membranes. The required dosage level ranges from 1 – 10 ppm as delivered. The dosage is proportional to the feed water flow. RPI-4000A can be used as it is or diluted with pure water in any ratio. Diluted preparations must be ideally used rapidly, within 48 hours after preparation. To avoid a storage tank biological fouling, it is recommended to clean from time to time the vessel with a biocide or with a 10% sodium bisulphite solution. RPI-4000A is easy to use, safe to handle and safe to store for several months.

PACKAGING: Standard drum (PE) 240 kg net

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Weight 599 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 50 in