PureGuard Nano Whole Home Water Treatment System – 120VAC Model


The PureGuard Nano Series Complete Household Treatment System comes standard with all the essential accessories needed for a true whole house solution. The PureGuard Nano Series was designed for simple serviceability and simple diagnostic tools to understand whether your system is in peak performance, or needs some attention. We know you will pleased with the design and performance of our whole home water treatment solutions.

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PureGuard Nano Series Complete Household Treatment System

Includes 4.5″ x 20″ pre and post treatment filter housings for carbon/sediment pre-treatment and post treatment polishing. Can also utilize pH neutralizing calcite cartridge filter, to elevate the pH of reverse osmosis purified water for the protection of household plumbing and re-mineralization of low TDS water. Includes product water storage tank and pressure control re-pressure pump.

Introducing the PureGuard 1500-3600 GPD Filtration System, a pinnacle of technological excellence designed to elevate your water treatment experience. This state-of-the-art system embodies a perfect synergy of imagination, innovation, and automation, providing you with pure, safe water in a seamlessly controlled environment.

Why Nano-filtration?

Nano-filtration is a water treatment process that effectively removes heavy metals like lead and mercury, reduces organic compounds, and softens water by selectively removing calcium and magnesium ions. It is also efficient in decreasing disinfection byproducts, such as trihalomethanes, and improving water aesthetics by reducing color and turbidity. Additionally, nano-filtration contributes to the reduction of nitrate and nitrite levels in water. The effectiveness of nano-filtration depends on factors like membrane characteristics and operating conditions. While it doesn’t eliminate all impurities, nano-filtration is a valuable tool for enhancing water quality while retaining some minerals important for balanced ions in water.

Key Features:

Customized Water Treatment Package:

    • Immerse yourself in the assurance of clean water with the pre-filtration and polishing filter system.
    • Antiscalant injection system prevents mineral scaling, ensuring the longevity of the membranes.
    • Chemical Day Tank with level control and self-priming dosing pump guarantee precise chemical dosing for optimal performance. For premium antiscalant, check out our RO Pur 3000A Premium Blend antiscalant.

Nano-filtration Brilliance:

    • The whole house nano-filtration water treatment system delivers pure water with strategic efficiency, removing 90% of divalent ions, the product water removes bacteria, heavy metals, and.
    • Advanced fail-safe controls and field-adjustable set points on the Series 200 controller offer a customizable experience.
    • Dual 4.5” x 20” Big Blue Housings with activated carbon and sediment filters for comprehensive filtration.

Stainless-Steel Excellence:

    • Stainless-steel Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump ensures durability and efficiency.
    • Motor-controlled Valve for precise control over water flow, with long-term durability over the more standard solenoid valve.
    • CSM nano-filtration 4″ x 40″ membranes housed in FRP Membrane Pressure Vessel Housings ensure top-tier performance.

Efficient Power Management:

    • Operates on 120 or 240 VAC, single-phase power, providing flexibility in installation.
    • Power consumption is optimized with a 20 AMP dedicated circuit.

Imagination. Innovation. Automation. Immerse yourself in the future of water treatment with the PureGuardNano Filtration System. This cutting-edge system not only envisions a world of pure water but innovates and automates the process to make it a reality. Every detail is designed to safeguard your health and elevate your water quality.

Immerse yourself in PureGuard. Imagination. Innovation. Automation.

Additional information

Weight 330 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 60 × 64 in
Supply Voltage

120 VAC

Supply Frequency

60 Hz