C1-20BB Activated Carbon-Impregnated Cellulose – 4.5″ wide x 20″ tall


Sold in case quantity, 6 complete filter cartridges per case.

Introducing the Pentek C Series Carbon Filter Cartridges – a cost-effective solution for versatile water filtration. With dual-purpose powdered-activated carbon, they efficiently reduce sediment, bad taste, odor, and chlorine taste & odor. Economically priced, yet high on dirt-holding capacity, these cartridges are recommended for chlorinated water supplies and excel in various residential applications. Reinforced for durability, the C Series ensures reliable filtration without breaking the bank. Upgrade your water quality affordably – choose C Series.


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Key Features:

Dual-Purpose Filtration: The C Series cartridges, featuring powdered-activated carbon, provide effective sediment filtration along with reducing bad taste, odor, and chlorine taste & odor from your tap water.

Economically Priced: Get premium water filtration without breaking the bank. The C Series offers an affordable option for general-purpose water filtration.

High Dirt-Holding Capacity: Engineered for durability, these cartridges boast high dirt-holding capacity, ensuring extended usage and optimal performance.

Recommended for Chlorinated Water Supplies: Tailored for chlorinated water supplies, the C Series is well-suited for a wide range of residential applications.

Reinforced Construction: Constructed with a carbon-impregnated cellulose media, reinforced with polyester backing and external netting, these cartridges offer additional strength and dirt-loading capacity.

Whether you’re looking for sediment filtration, taste and odor reduction, or a polishing filter for process and closed-loop streams, the C Series Carbon Filter Cartridges have you covered. Elevate your water quality without compromising on your budget. Choose reliability, choose C Series.”

Pentek C-Series Impregnated Cellulose Dual Purpose Cartridge Data Sheet
Manufacturer Pentair
Manufacturer’s Model C1-20BB
Brand Pentek
Type Carbon Block
Material Impregnated Cellulose PAC
Filter Length 20″
Particulate Size (µ) 10.0
Pieces Per Case 6

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 22 in
Filter size

2.5" x 20"

Micron Size

5 micron

Carbon Filter Type

Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Media

Housing Dimensions

4.5" Diameter x 20" Tall