Granular Activated Carbon Filter System: 9-27 GPM Flow Rate


Introducing our Granular Activated Carbon Water Filtration System – the pinnacle of purity for your water. Crafted with precision, this system utilizes high-quality granular activated carbon to efficiently adsorb impurities, chlorine, and contaminants, delivering crisp, clean water. Transform your hydration experience with our advanced filtration technology – because your water deserves the best.

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Revolutionize your home’s water quality with our advanced Whole House Granular Activated Carbon Filter, meticulously crafted for high-flow households, boasting an impressive range of 7 to 21 gallons per minute (GPM). Partnered seamlessly with the cutting-edge Automatic backwashing Control Valve, this filtration system transcends conventional standards, promising an unparalleled improvement in taste, health, and overall water quality throughout every corner of your residence.

Key features unfold:

Embark on a journey of premium filtration as our system harnesses the power of top-tier granular activated carbon. Bid farewell to chlorine, sediments, pesticides, herbicides, and the unwelcome tastes and odors that may compromise your water experience.

At the heart of this efficiency is the automatic backwashing control valve, a technological marvel ensuring peak performance by automatically cleansing the carbon bed. This not only extends the filter’s lifespan but also minimizes maintenance, providing you with a hassle-free experience of enjoying clean water effortlessly.

Experience the luxury of purified water flowing seamlessly from every tap, enveloping your home in comprehensive coverage for bathing, cooking, laundry, and every water-related activity. Prioritize the health and safety of your family with our activated carbon, which goes beyond taste enhancements to remove potential contaminants, contributing to the overall well-being of your household. Enjoy the convenience of low maintenance, thanks to the intelligent design of the backwashing valve. The automated backwashing process minimizes the need for manual intervention, allowing you to maximize your time enjoying consistently clean water. Built to endure, our system boasts robust construction and quality materials, ensuring reliable and long-lasting water filtration for years to come.

Elevate your water experience with confidence. Our Whole House Granular Activated Carbon Filter, tailored for high-flow households (7-21 GPM), and equipped with the Automatic backwashing Control Valve, goes beyond mere purification. It revitalizes your water, ensuring it’s not just clean but transformed for the holistic well-being of your family.

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Additional information

Weight 320 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 48 × 42 in
Tank Size

18" x 65"

Inlet Connection


Outlet Connection


Backwash port connection

1/2" FNPT

Supply Voltage

120 VAC

Supply Frequency

60 Hz