Granular Activated Carbon Filter System: 62-188 GPM Flow Rate


Introducing our Granular Activated Carbon Water Filtration System – the pinnacle of purity for your water. Crafted with precision, this system utilizes high-quality granular activated carbon to efficiently adsorb impurities, chlorine, and contaminants, delivering crisp, clean water. Transform your hydration experience with our advanced filtration technology – because your water deserves the best.

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Introducing an unparalleled solution for industrial and commercial water filtration – a single-tank powerhouse equipped with the industry-leading Clack WS3 Control Valve. This advanced system is designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-flow applications, providing an exceptional flow range of 62 to 188 gallons per minute (GPM).

Key features set this system apart:

  1. Clack WS3 Control Valve Excellence: At the heart of this industrial-grade filtration system is the singular Clack WS3 Control Valve. Renowned for its robust design and precision, it ensures optimal performance and efficient backwashing to meet the demands of high-flow industrial and commercial environments.
  2. High-Flow Capability: Experience an extraordinary flow range from 62 to 188 GPM, making this system ideal for large-scale industrial processes, commercial establishments, or any setting requiring substantial water capacity.
  3. Single-Tank Efficiency: This innovative system combines the power of a single tank with the cutting-edge Clack WS3 Control Valve, streamlining water filtration in industrial and commercial applications.
  4. Exceptional Filtration Performance: Equipped with top-tier granular activated carbon, our system excels at removing chlorine, sediments, pesticides, herbicides, and undesirable tastes and odors in scenarios with demanding water flow requirements.
  5. Contaminant Removal: Beyond taste improvements, the activated carbon employed in this system goes above and beyond to remove potential contaminants, ensuring the integrity of water crucial for industrial and commercial processes.
  6. Low Maintenance Confidence: The intelligent design of the Clack WS3 valve minimizes maintenance demands, providing uninterrupted water supply for critical industrial and commercial operations.
  7. Industrial-Grade Endurance: Crafted with industrial-grade endurance in mind, this single-tank system features robust construction and quality materials, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting water filtration for the challenging demands of industrial and commercial settings.

Elevate your water management with confidence in high-flow applications ranging from 62 to 188 GPM. Our Single-Tank Granular Activated Carbon Filter, featuring the singular Clack WS3 Control Valve, is an industrial and commercial-grade solution that sets a new standard for efficiency, performance, and reliability. Experience water excellence like never before, tailored to the stringent requirements of your operations.

This filter can ran by itself, in series, or in a parallel configuration to meet higher flow demands, for a simple configuration to meet demanding applications with robust solutions and equipment that has performed well over the test of time. To learn more about activated carbon filtration follow the link below.

Click here to learn more about Activated Carbon filtration.

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 48 × 42 in
Tank Size

48" x 72"

Inlet Connection


Outlet Connection


Backwash port connection


Supply Voltage

120 VAC

Backwash Automatic Control Valve Type

Clack WS3EE Valve