8″ SCH80 PVC Clamp-on Saddle Signet Installation Fitting for Flow, pH, and ORP sensors.


GF+ Signet Flow, pH, and ORP sensor installation fitting for new, or retro-fit, installations on SCH40 or SCH80  8″ diameter PVC pipe.

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GF Signet PVC saddle type installation fitting is easily retrofit onto existing PVC piping systems. They can be installed in both SCH40 and SCH80 piping. Includes 4 pieces, 2 wedges, top shell, bottom shell and water-tight sealing gasket. Refer to the photo gallery for visual.

For a 2″ – 8″ diameter pipe size, they will require a 1  5/8″ hole saw to drill into the pipe. Configurations are also offered to install pre-assembled with plain end pipe connections.  Each saddle comes with a water tight gasket, as shown in the photos in the gallery that is to be sandwiched between the fitting and the piping, around the 1 5/8″ hole, when assembling the saddle.

Be sure to depressurize and vent piping systems prior to installation. GF signet installation fittings are NSF certified. See here for installation instructions.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 10 in
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Material - Connection


Required Hole Size

1 5/8"

Gasket Material


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