.55 Cubic Foot Calcite pH Boosting Filtration Media – 50 lb. bag


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Calcite Media: Optimizing pH Correction in Water Treatment

Calcite media, a calcium carbonate-based filtration media, is engineered to address pH imbalance in water treatment applications. Its unique properties make it an indispensable component in systems aimed at neutralizing acidic water, thus enhancing water quality and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

pH Correction Solution Calcite media serves as a reliable pH correction solution, effectively raising the pH level of acidic water to a neutral or slightly alkaline range. By increasing the water’s alkalinity, Calcite helps prevent corrosion of pipes and fixtures, safeguarding plumbing infrastructure and prolonging equipment lifespan.

Efficient Neutralization When acidic water passes through a bed of Calcite media, the calcium carbonate dissolves, releasing calcium and carbonate ions into the water. These ions react with acidic components, such as carbon dioxide, effectively neutralizing acidity and stabilizing pH levels.

Versatile Application Calcite media finds widespread application in residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment systems. Whether used in point-of-use filters or large-scale treatment plants, Calcite offers versatile pH correction solutions tailored to diverse needs and specifications.

Longevity and Sustainability Renowned for its durability and longevity, Calcite media provides sustained pH correction over extended periods, minimizing the need for frequent media replacement and reducing operational costs. Additionally, Calcite’s natural composition ensures environmental sustainability, making it a preferred choice for eco-conscious water treatment solutions.

Quality Assurance Our Calcite media undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure compliance with industry standards and specifications. With a commitment to excellence, we deliver Calcite media of the highest quality, guaranteeing reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

Experience the power of pH correction with Calcite media—a trusted solution for optimizing water quality and ensuring the integrity of water treatment systems. Unlock the benefits of balanced pH levels and safeguard your water infrastructure with Calcite media today.

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Weight 50 lbs
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