.36 Cubic Foot #8-12 Size Garnet Filtration Media – 50 lb. bag


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Garnet, with its high hardness and density, serves as a granular filter media primarily used in multi-media filtration systems. Its grain size typically ranges from #8 to #12.

Filtration Efficiency Garnet’s unique grading prevents hydraulic classification during backwash, ensuring uniform filtration throughout the bed. Larger grains at the top capture solids, while finer grains provide final polishing, resulting in enhanced solids storage, prolonged filter life, and improved filtration rates.

Versatility Garnet seamlessly integrates into custom-designed multi-media filtration systems for municipal and industrial water supply applications. It can be combined with other filter materials to meet specific filtration requirements.

Durability With a high specific gravity of 4.0 and exceptional hardness, Garnet exhibits resistance to attrition and degradation, ensuring long-lasting performance. It also serves as an excellent support bed for other high-density media.

Certification Garnet meets AWWA B100-96 specifications, guaranteeing adherence to industry standards for quality and performance in water and waste water treatment applications.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 18 × 12 in