Toray MBR Module ECS210-300S


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ECS210-300S: Element block only of NHP210-300S (No aeration block)

Cost effective replacement of TMR140-100S element block.

Easy Maintenance & High Permeability. Flat Sheet “MEMBRAY” Delivers Smart MBR Process.

High Chemical Resistance & High Mechanical Strength

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) gives the membrane superior physical strength and chemical resistance.

High Water Permeability & High-quality Effluent

Numerous and uniform small pores (0.08 micrometer) enable higher quality of treated water and high fouling resistance.

Why Flat Sheet Membrane?

High Fouling Resistance

Flat sheet membrane offers superior in fouling resistance compared with hollow fiber membrane.

Simple System & Operation

Flat sheet membrane does not require a backwash system to operate reliably.

Easy Maintenance

Simple module design with flat sheet membrane enables easy maintenance and cost savings.

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Weight 625 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 73 × 81 in