Style SS – 4″ – 1500 PSI Rated


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Piedmont Style SS Grooved Coupling.

Style SS couplings incorporate the more noble, duplex-alloy construction, which although initially more expensive, offers the superior corrosion resistance and corresponding better longevity for highly corrosive environments compared to the Style B coupling which is constructed from 316 alloy. Consult Piedmont application engineering for guidance on the selection of metal alloy for your application.


Applications can impose severe-duty factors in addition to the maximum continuous operating pressure rating. These additional design requirements must be considered in selecting the appropriate Piedmont coupling.



Pressure Rating: 1500 psi (103 bar) with schedule 40s pipe (special alloys) with cut groove only – all sizes.



  • Housing


    • Superduplex stainless steel type CE8MN (UNS # J93345) conform to ASTM A995, Grade 2A requirements. Piedmont also offers this coupling in superduplex type CE3MN (UNS # J93404) conform to ASTM A995, Grade 5A requirements for higher resistance to corrosion. Other alloys are also available.

  • Gaskets


    • EPDM rubber, suitable for hot and cold water services. Two shapes of gaskets are available: C-shaped or Flush-fit. NSF/ANSI 61 approved or equivalent for drinking water system components. Not suitable for petroleum service.*EPDM peroxide cured gaskets available upon request (for special applications such us chloramines, etc…)

  • Bolts/Nuts


    • Round / hexagonal head, oval neck, 316 stainless steel bolts dimensional specifications conforming to ASME B18.5 – 2012. For couplings sizes from ¾’’ to 3’’, use heavy hex type 651 silicon bronze nuts, for couplings of 4’’ and up use 316 stainless steel nuts. Washers are heavy pattern 316 stainless steel.

*For the use of Style SS couplings on cyclic axial displacement systems, please consult with Piedmont for design and installation guidance.

Note: Working pressure ratings based upon generally accepted pressure piping design standards and testing in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1 pressure vessel test method.


Piedmont Style SS Grooved Coupling Technical Information

Piedmont Style SS Grooved Coupling Product Sheet

Piedmont Style SS Grooved Coupling Technical Drawing


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

EPDM, Super Duplex

Pressure Rating

1500 PSI