Pentek EP-BB Carbon Briquette 5-Micron Filter Cartridge – 4.5″ wide x 10″ tall


Sold in case quantity, 4 complete filter cartridges per case.

Introducing the Pentek EP Series Cartridges – where innovation meets affordability for unparalleled water filtration. Engineered with a high porosity design, these cartridges prevent plugging, ensuring maximum adsorption capability and a consistently low pressure drop.


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Introducing the Pentek EP Series Carbon Block Filter – a modified powerhouse born from the trusted EP Series Cartridge. This filtration marvel, backed by internal testing, offers an economical solution for taste, odor, chlorine taste & odor reduction, and sediment filtration.

Crafted through a meticulous manufacturing process, the EP Series Cartridges boast a nominal 5-micron filtration rating, delivering high porosity and effective chlorine taste & odor reduction. The innovative high porosity design ensures optimal utilization of the carbon, preventing premature plugging and maintaining a consistently low pressure drop.

What sets these cartridges apart is their resilience. Wrapped in a protective outer layer, the EP Series enjoys an extended useful life by trapping sediment that commonly leads to blockages in standard carbon block cartridges. This thoughtful design ensures sustained performance over time, providing reliable filtration without compromising on efficiency.

Choose the Pentek EPM Series for an economical yet robust solution that goes beyond the basics. Elevate your water quality, reduce sediment, and savor the taste of purified excellence. Trust in Pentair’s commitment to innovation for water filtration that stands the test of time.

Key Features:

Highest Carbon Block Dirt Holding Capacity: Maximize cartridge life with the industry’s best dirt holding capacity.

Effective Taste & Odor Reduction: Bid farewell to bad taste and unwanted odors, thanks to advanced filtration technology.

Economically Priced: Experience premium filtration without breaking the bank – the perfect balance of quality and value.

FDA-Compliant Materials: Crafted entirely from materials meeting FDA standards, guaranteeing safety and reliability.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for residential, food service, commercial, and industrial applications, catering to a wide range of filtration needs.

Endurawrap Protection: Shielded by Endurawrap, a specially formulated polyolefin bilaminate pre-filter, extending the useful life of the cartridge.

Power up your water filtration game with Pentek EPM Series – where efficiency, economy, and excellence converge

Manufacturer Pentair
Manufacturer’s Model EP-BB
Brand Pentek
Type Carbon Briquette
Material Bonded PAC
Filter Length 10″
Particulate Size (µ) 5.0
Pieces Per Case 12

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 24 in
Filter size

4.5" x 10"

Micron Size

5 micron

Carbon Filter Type

Bonded Powdered Activated Carbon

Case quantity

4 pieces

Housing Dimensions

4.5" Diameter x 10" Tall