NextSand™ Zeolite high-performance media filter: 2-10 GPM Flow Rate


Introducing our Zeolite Water Filtration System – a cutting-edge solution for pristine water quality. Harnessing the natural power of zeolite, this system excels at effective ion exchange, eliminating impurities, hardness, and ammonia. Enjoy crystal-clear water with our advanced filtration technology. Upgrade to a healthier, purer water experience with ease. This system is ideal for flow rates between 2 to 10 GPM.

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Introducing our Whole House Suspended Solids Removal Backwashing Filter – a cutting-edge solution designed to transform your water quality and ensure a pristine home water supply. Engineered with precision, this advanced system utilizes 1 cubic foot of high-performance zeolite media in conjunction with the reliable Fleck 5800 SXT automatic backwashing control valve.

Bid farewell to suspended solids, sediment, and impurities that compromise your water clarity and quality. The zeolite media, renowned for its exceptional adsorption properties, efficiently captures and removes suspended solids, leaving you with water that’s not only visibly clearer but also healthier for your household.

The heart of the system, the Fleck 5800 SXT control valve, adds a layer of intelligence to your water treatment setup. With automatic backwashing capabilities, this valve ensures minimal maintenance, extending the life of the zeolite media and guaranteeing a continuous supply of crystal-clear water for your entire home.

Experience the benefits of a Whole House Suspended Solids Removal Backwashing Filter that goes beyond standard filtration. Say goodbye to cloudy water and embrace the clarity and purity your home deserves. Invest in a system where innovation meets efficiency – because your water quality matters.

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Additional information

Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 42 × 40 in
Tank Size

10" x 54"

Inlet Connection


Outlet Connection


Backwash port connection

3/4" MNPT

Supply Voltage

120 VAC

Supply Frequency

60 Hz