40GPM Skidded Reverse Osmosis System – BWRO


Comes standard with a user-friendly Serial Controller, precise sensors, and premium components, this system offers intelligent water management.  Purchase includes all NSF 61 compliant materials, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.



*Photo representative of Streamline Skidded Reverse Osmosis Systems, actual size may vary based on system flow rate.

Introducing our Streamline 40 GPM Skidded Reverse Osmosis System – an advanced water treatment solution designed for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. Packed with cutting-edge features and high-quality components, this system is the epitome of intelligent water management.

Human Machine Interface (HMI): The heart of the system lies in its user-friendly Serial Controller with LCD Display. Monitor key parameters such as Permeate TDS, Feed TDS, and % Rejection effortlessly. Tank level switch inputs ensure timely alerts for low feed tank levels or full product tanks, while extensive flush options maintain optimal system performance. The Relay signal output offers added security with alerts for system alarms or high conductivity in the product water.

Sensors and Instrumentation: Precise flow management is achieved through Permeate, Concentrate, and Concentrate Recirculation flow sensors, providing calculated feed flow readings. The conductivity sensors for both feed and permeate, along with adjustable setpoints, allow control over the maximum EC setpoint for permeate water. The pressure gauge panel meticulously measures each stage of filtration, ensuring a thorough understanding of the system’s performance. Pressure switches safeguard against low inlet pressure and offer pump protection.

Additional System Components:

  • DANFOSS VLT AQUADRIVE VFD: The Pressure Control Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) optimizes the operation of the R.O. Booster Pump, enhancing overall system efficiency.
  • GOULDS eSV MULTISTAGE VERTICAL BOOSTER PUMP: This energy-saving, premium efficiency vertical multi-stage pump ensures reliable and efficient water delivery.
  • MOTOR ACTUATED CONTROL VALVES: These valves, with visual indication of position, promise longer life compared to solenoid valves, enhancing system durability.
  • PENTAIR AQUALINE HIGH FLOW CARTRIDGE HOUSING: Equipped with a 5-micron nominal sediment filter, this high-flow housing ensures water purity up to 300 GPM.
  • PENTAIR CODELINE FRP REVERSE OSMOSIS PRESSURE VESSEL HOUSINGS: Four units of 4 Membrane length Housing, each rated at 300 PSI, guarantee robust pressure containment.

Transform your water treatment experience with the Streamline 40 GPM Skidded Reverse Osmosis System – where innovation meets reliability.

Additional information

Weight 5500 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 48 × 74 in