1 Cubic Foot of BIRM Filtration Iron and Manganese Reduction Media – 45 lb. bag


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Discover the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Birm Filtration Media for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds in raw water supplies. Acting as a catalyst, Birm enhances the oxidation reaction between dissolved oxygen and iron compounds, converting ferrous bicarbonate into precipitable ferric hydroxide, easily removable by backwashing. Its unique physical characteristics ensure excellent filtration and long material life with minimal attrition loss.


  • Chemical-free maintenance: no regeneration required, only periodic backwashing.
  • Exceptionally high iron removal efficiency, ensuring superior water quality.
  • Minimal labor costs due to straightforward maintenance requirements.
  • Durable material with a long lifespan and wide temperature range.
  • Regular Birm: Ideal for industrial, municipal, and most domestic installations.
  • Fine Birm: Recommended for domestic installations with limited backwash rates.

Physical Properties:

Regular Birm:

  • Color: Black
  • Bulk Density: 44-50 lbs./cu. ft.
  • Mesh Size: 9 x 35
  • Specific Gravity: 2.0 gm/cc
  • Effective Size: 0.59 mm
  • Uniform Coefficient: 1.96

Fine Birm:

  • Color: Black
  • Bulk Density: 44-50 lbs./ cu. ft.
  • Mesh Size: 10 x 40
  • Specific Gravity: 2.0 gm/cc
  • Effective Size: 0.48 mm
  • Uniformity Coefficient: 2.71

Conditions for Operation:

  • Alkalinity should exceed two times the combined sulfate and chloride concentration.
  • Water pH range: 6.8-9.0
  • Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) content must be at least 15% of the iron (or iron and manganese) content.
  • Bed depth: 30-36 inches
  • Freeboard: 50% of bed depth (minimum)
  • Backwash rate:
    • Regular Birm: 10-12 gpm/sq. ft.
    • Fine Birm: 8-10 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Backwash Bed Expansion: 20-40% of bed depth
  • Service flowrate: 3.5-5 gpm/sq. ft., with intermittent flow rates and favorable local conditions allowing higher flow rates.
  • Free chlorine concentration should be less than 0.5 PPM.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide should be removed before passing through the Birm filter.

Elevate your water treatment system’s efficiency with Birm Filtration Media, ensuring pristine water quality and cost-effective operation.

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