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TMR140-100S Upgrade

If you haven’t heard, we’re sorry to inform you that the Toray TMR140-100S is now discontinued. The good news is there is a new and improved replacement!

The Toray NHP210-300S is a direct replacement for your TMR140-100S unit, with a 50% increase in membrane area.

The benefit, is that with 50% more membrane area, 50% more flow is possible through the new membrane cassette. If you plan on expanding the flow of your plant, this will give you 50% more flow with minimal cost increase.

For those with an existing TMR140-100S, we offer a standalone NHP element block, the ECS210-300S, that bolts onto your existing aeration block. A simple install requiring only minor filtrate piping modifications.

For those without an existing system we also offer a complete system, the NHP210-300S, with element and aeration block all in one package.


Q) Is the retrofit standalone element block plug and play?

A) The permeate manifold does need to be slightly modified if you go the retrofit route, but it is only a few 1.5″ PVC fittings and flanges, so it’s a very easy transition.


Toray NHP Series Brochure

Toray NHP Series Spec Sheet