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Product Description

The Reverse Osmosis water filtration technology Membrane by Hydranautics (Nitto) is designed for Seawater / High Salinity Water applications that require a psi of 800. This Membrane uses Reverse Osmosis water filtration technology to take out 99.80% of contaminants found in the feedwater, which makes it best suited for seawater desalination, high TDS industrial waste water treatment applications, including conventional and hybrid designs, and megadesalination plants.

Made in United States, the Reverse Osmosis water filtration technology Membrane SWC6 MAX is Spiral Wound Composite Polyamide. The advantages in using the Hydranautics (Nitto) SWC6 MAX Membrane are each membrane offers the highest productivity and salt rejection rates in the industry combined with the optimized flow, low fouling and low energy consumption, highest permeate flow membranes offering high energy efficiency, the membranes of choice when the seawater feed temperatures are lower that normally requires high feed pressures, result in lower feed pressures, lower energy consumption and lower treatment costs, and with an increased active surface area, it offers significant cost and energy savings and uncompromised permeate quality in seawater desalination applications. Hydranautics (Nitto) is a United States company well known for high-quality Membrane manufacturing for effective Reverse Osmosis water filtration technology.

Product Specs

  • Flow: 13200
  • Nominal Salt Rejection: 99.80%
  • Psi: 800
  • Size: 8 x 40
  • Type Of Filtration: Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Type: Seawater / High Salinity Water
  • Weight: 40

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 8 in